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Remember that this, as well as any other trip, can be entirely personalized! This means you can change the places you want to visit, the number of days, the way you travel and much more. First, read the itinerary below. If you like it exactly as it is, click "book the trip" at the bottom of the page. If you want to make any changes in the itinerary, click "Build from scratch" and then you will be able to create an excursion program according to your own interests and needs!

Day 1

We will pick you up at the airport and, depending on the time of your arrival, take you to your hotel or straight to the mountains! If you arrive in Wroclaw around noon, you will have a chance to visit Wroclaw. Wroclaw is called the Venice of the North, as there are 130 bridges! Moreover, it is also a city of churches, 400 dwarfs and 5000 African animals! It comes as no surprise that this city won the prestigious European Best Destination 2018 competition. You will see the Wrocław Market Square and take a walk through the Cathedral Island with our guide. Then we will head to the Jizera Mountains. This is a place far away from civilization and little known. Mild peaks and ascents make Izera Mountains ideal for hiking with the whole family, including small children. On the next day you will have a chance to take advantage of a number of attractions offered by these magnificent mountains!

Wrocław in winter
Winter in Jizera Mountains

Day 2

In the Jizera Mountains you can enjoy a number of attractions! If you like active relaxation during your vacations, these mountains are an ideal choice. Right next to the village where you will be staying there is a gondola station that can take you directly to the ski slope. We can also rent cross-country skis for you, because this area is known for the largest number of cross-country skiing trails. For fans of strong sensations we can organize a ride on a snowmobile or ... a dog sled! And if you like really extreme sports, we will take you to a waterfall, where you can bathe in extremely cold water in winter! Winter swimming is a rather extreme sport, but it has many health benefits, so if you don't have any heart or blood pressure problems, it will be a great adventure! But if you just want to relax and walk in the mountains, of course you don't have to do all those extreme sports :)

Day 3

The next day, our guide will take you on a hike to the highest peak of the Jizera Mountains. The trails in the Polish mountains are very well marked and well prepared even in winter. There are not many tourists hiking in the winter, so you will have a chance to enjoy nature in peace and quiet. Just before it gets dark, your guide will take you to the Dark Sky Zone. When nightfall arrives, you will be able to admire the millions of stars in the sky, as it is far away from human habitation. You will then descend to a mountain chalet where you will spend one night. The Chata Górzystów mountain chalet in the Jizera Mountains is a place for real hikers. You'll feel like a Himalayan! And in the morning the best breakfast you can find in the Polish mountains, pancakes with blueberries, will be waiting for you!

Winter in Jizera Mountains
Kraków in winter

Day 4

After a delicious breakfast, we will head back down to Świeradów Zdrój. We will take your suitcases and drive to Wroclaw. In Wroclaw you will have lunch in a traditional restaurant and take a train to the most beautiful city in Poland - Krakow! You will arrive there in the late afternoon or evening. It is a vibrant city at any time of the year, so after checking into your hotel, we recommend taking a stroll through the Old Town to get a feel for the night life of Krakow. Another very charming place for an evening stroll is the Jewish district of Kazimierz. Cosy cafes and restaurants in this district, galleries and antique shops, cobbled streets and monuments of Jewish culture create a charming atmosphere that is impossible to resist. Krakow in winter has even more advantages to attract tourists than in summer, mainly because of the Christmas markets, which last until January 8!

Day 5

After breakfast you will take a trip to Zakopane, the winter capital of Poland. It is here that you can find the longest and most famous ski slopes and see the highest peaks. The cult of Zakopane is created not only by its tourist or culinary attractions, but also by its amazing atmosphere and fascinating history. In Zakopane, you will visit the Tatra Museum and see the ski jump. Then, from Zakopane you will set off on a short trek in the mountains. If you are in good physical shape, our guide will take you on a hike! Hiking in the mountains in winter can be dangerous, so you will not be climbing the highest peaks. However, even a winter walk to a nearby waterfall or to one of the valleys will be a wonderful experience. Along the way you will have a chance to admire breathtaking views. Then you will return to Zakopane, where you will relax in the thermal baths and from there the driver will take you to your hotel.

Winter in Tatra Mountains
Winter in Bieszczady Mountains

Day 6

For those who love animals and wildlife we have prepared something special! On this day, we will go to the Bieszczady Mountains, which are the wildest mountains in Poland. Especially in winter on some of the trails you can meet more animals than people! We will take you on a trip, during which you will have a chance to see European bison in their natural environment. These animals are much easier to meet in winter, because they come to the feeders and leave tracks on the snow. European bison is one of the symbols of Poland, a majestic and dignified animal. You will have a great chance to see other forest animals while walking in the mountains. For true animal lovers we can also organize an overnight stay in a hiding place located in the middle of the forest, from where it is the easiest to see wild animals!

Day 7

After a night of animal spotting from a lookout or an early morning guided tour, you will take a bus back to Krakow. We will meet in the city center and have dinner together. If you are flying back only in the afternoon or evening, you will still have plenty of time to buy souvenirs, although we warn you that you will already have a lot of them from the places you visited previously! Additionally there will be a surprise gift waiting for you from our team... On the last day you will also have time for a slow walk around the Krakow Market Square and Kazimierz District. Of course, we will be happy to take you to one or two more places, if you feel like it. At the end of your stay we will also invite you to join us for lunch to reminisce about all the places visited during the tour!



From 100 $ per day. The price includes:

Local city guides

Internal transports

+ Accommodation

+ Breakfasts

Visit entries

Transport to and from airport

Support and assistance of the agent throughout your stay

+ End of stay special gift!


If you want to book this tour exactly as it is, click on book the trip. If you only want to change the number of days or other tiny details, please book the trip as well and we will arrange the details over the phone. If you want to make big changes to the program or create a tour from scratch, click on the build from scratch button and there you can create your tour as you wish, day by day, according to your own ideas, needs and interests!

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