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Remember that this, as well as any other trip, can be entirely personalized! This means you can change the places you want to visit, the number of days, the way you travel and much more. First, read the itinerary below. If you like it exactly as it is, click book the trip at the bottom of the page. If you want to make any changes in the itinerary, click build from scratch and then you will be able to create an excursion program according to your own interests and needs!

Day 1

Krakow is one of the most popular cities in Europe. No wonder - magnificent monuments, beautiful Main Square, interesting Kazimierz district, extremely romantic boulevards and nightlife that only ends at dawn. But we must not forget that in addition to all these attractions, Krakow stands out for something else. It is, of course, a very unique, traditional cuisine! Festivals of flavor, pierogi or soup are permanent events that are inscribed in the calendar of cultural events in Krakow. Obwarzanek, kremówka papieska or kielbasa krakowska are just some of the delicacies you must try. Of course, walking through the restaurants will not be the only attraction of this trip. Together with the guide you will see all of Krakow's most beautiful attractions!

Kraków food
Zakopane sheep

Day 2

Whoever in the 1870s, encouraged by the fantastic descriptions of the first explorers of the Tatra Mountains, wanted to go to Zakopane, had to be prepared for considerable inconvenience. The journey had to be made in a horse-drawn cart, and accommodation awaited in a highlander's cottage. With the growing popularity of the resort in the Tatra Mountains, the situation changed rapidly. Guesthouses and restaurants started to spring up like mushrooms after the rain, interestingly enough usually run by visitors. At the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth century, Zakopane was an original combination of highlander culture with the customs brought from big cities. It was also reflected in the cuisine, still drawing on tradition, but at the same time - flattering big-city tastes. The cuisine of Zakopane is like that today: it is a unique fusion of highlander flavors and contemporary tastes.

Day 3

We will take you to Wrocław, the capital of Lower Silesia! There is no clear answer to the question about the traditional cuisine of Lower Silesia. Is it possible to speak of a historically coherent table of Lower Silesia, given the complicated history of the region? It is certainly not an easy task. Throwing culinary traditions of different cultures that met in the area of Wrocław, Jelenia Góra or Świdnica into one cauldron, we get a dish that is diverse in terms of flavors, preparation methods and basic ingredients. This culinary mosaic has shades of exclusive European cuisine, Prussian simplicity and Eastern gentility. The landscape of Lower Silesia is, on the one hand, charming castles and palaces whose splendor is being restored and on the other hand small cities and villages located in charming valleys or on the hills. Wroclaw, just like Krakow, you will visit with a charming guide!

Wrocław Poland
Warsaw food

Day 4

The next day we will go to Warsaw! It should be noted that the capital of Poland has always been favorable to gourmet cuisine. In the pre-war capital, connoisseurs of cuisine met in the Gourmet Club, which was conducive to meetings of the cream of society. The best restaurants were stocked with fresh oysters. Not all dishes, classic today, came from elite cuisine. What characterizes contemporary Warsaw gastronomy are the simple flavors that were born in ordinary, home kitchens. Coming to Warsaw and not tasting the Warsaw-style dumplings or tripe is like not knowing history. It is worth ending the feast with a traditional dessert - doughnuts or Italian ice cream - which stole the hearts of pre-war Varsovians.

Day 5

The next city on our list is Toruń, which is a beautiful city whose historic center is entirely listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site! Toruń's main culinary pride was and is gingerbread - you can find all variations of this delicacy there. Restaurants often offer it on the dessert menu, but also add it to coffees, meats and pancakes regardless of the season. Together with a guide you will go to... Museum of Toruń Gingerbread, which is located in the real gingerbread factory! There, you will enjoy workshops on making and baking gingerbread! And did you know that Torun is the hometown of Nicolaus Copernicus? In the house where he lived, there is now his museum and we will take a look there too! In Toruń there is also a very interesting Planetarium, Ethnographic Museum and Travelers' Museum, so you certainly will not be bored!

Ginger bread Toruń
Nikiszowiec food

Day 6

Upper Silesia will be next on our itinerary! The cuisines of Silesia are as varied as their tourist attractions. Żywiec region invites to mountain hiking in the summer, and to skiing stations in the winter. The Jurassic rocks tempt with the promise of climbing, and they are adorned with castles and ruins on the Trail of the Eagles' Nests. In Katowice old mining buildings are turned into modern museums, allowing to learn about the history of mining in an interesting way. Nikiszowiec, a district of Katowice and a former mining estate, is a unique place on the map of Poland, and its Market Square has a great restaurant with regional delicacies. In addition to traditional dishes, restaurants on the route serve original dishes based on traditional ingredients, but prepared in an unconventional way. Speaking of cuisine, the interactive brewing museums in Żywiec and Tychy are a perfect match too!

Day 7

This will be the last day of our trip in Poland. No matter what city your return flight leaves from, we will arrange transportation to the airport for you. If your flight is scheduled for the evening, you will still have some time to walk around Nikiszowiec or another city. You will also have time to buy souvenirs, although we warn you that you will already have a lot of them from the places you have visited before! Additionally, there will be a surprise gift waiting for you from our team... Of course, we can also organize additional attractions for you in the city you will be flying out from. Anyway, on the last day of your stay, we will invite you for dinner (how else during a culinary tour!) to reminisce all the places you have visited during your trip around Poland!



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