Dziki wschód

If you like to move, you’ll also be able to cycle a dozen, a few dozen or several hundred kilometers by bike! The areas of north-eastern Poland are very well adapted for cycling, because for several years, the Green Velo bicycle route has been running through the entire eastern wall of Poland. As an organizer, we provide equipment needed for such a trip, so you can easily repack and ride a part of the route on bicycles! The road is practically flat all the time, so even people who rarely ride a bike will be able to deal with it.



If you want to feel the true magic of Poland, we invite you on a trip to the wild east! This is the most authentic part of our country, full of wild animals and kind people. In the south- east of Poland you will trek the wild mountains, right next to the border with Belarus, visit the king of the forest, in other words Żubr, in its natural habitat, and in the north of Poland you will be able to take a swim in one of the hundreds of beautiful lakes. The Polish East is still an undiscovered land with clear air, mountains, forests and lakes.

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