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Who are we ?

Treasures of Poland is a travel agency that organizes custom made trips around Poland.

My name is Jan Srokowski. I am the owner of Treasures of Poland, and the history of my travel agency is a reflection of my life. After many years of traveling in Poland and around the world, having already huge experience in organizing tours, I decided to fulfill my dream and show the beauty of Poland to guests from abroad. I started getting to know my homeland as a small child, going on bike trips and mountain expeditions with my father. Later I started to travel the world alone. And at some point, while riding the Trans-Siberian railroad, I realized that it was time to come back to Poland...

After visiting dozens of countries around the world, I realized that Poland is the country I want to show and promote to visitors from abroad. Poland is a very beautiful country, with stunning cities, precious monuments, but also with unspoiled nature and rich history! I invite you to travel with me!

Treasures of Poland

What’s a custom made trip?


A custom made trip around Poland is something we specialize in. We prepare personalized trips for individual clients. How it works?

At the beginning fill out the form. We’ll learn from it, among other things, for what period of time you want to come, how you like to travel, what’s your budget and more. On the basis of answers provided by you, we will prepare a custom made offer and send it via e-mail. If you want to modify the tour program, of course, it is possible. The final offer is prepared only when we are sure that our offer match your expectations perfectly.

A custom made trip is an offer for people traveling alone, couples, groups of friends and families with children. You can choose the option of traveling with a guide who will accompany you every day and help you in everyday matters. Another option is having remote contact with our office. This means that the entire trip around Poland will be organized, but you will be traveling on your own, maintaining constant telephone contact with us. If you want to receive a non-binding offer, we invite you to fill in the form here.

How to get a personalized tour offer?

Step 1 | Fill out the form

Fill out the form here. Through your answers, we will find out, among other things, what your approximate budget on a trip is, for how many days you want to come, what are you the most interested in or how do you like to spend free time. On the basis of the completed form, we will prepare a personalized offer for you!

Step 2 | Preparing the offer

Based on the completed form, we will prepare a tailor-made tour for you. Then we will send you an offer created by us, which we will of course be able to modify after consultation with you. Once we manage to determine all the details together, you will have two options to explore Poland. The first option is a guided tour that will help you in everyday situations and talk about visited places. It’s up to you whether the guide will be with you all the time or for a certain number of days. The second option is remote contact with us. This means that during the entire stay in Poland, we will be available on the phone, but we will not travel with you.


Step 3 | Purchase of airline tickets and arrival to Poland

We can help you in buying airline tickets if you need help with this issue. We mainly deal with your stay in Poland, but we can also buy for you plane tickets or any other means of transport that you choose. We will set the date of arrival together and meet at the airport. We’ll be waiting for you and then we’ll go straight to the place of the accommodation.


Step 4 | The beginning of the adventure

When you arrive at your place of accommodation, you will be able to leave your belongings and relax after the trip. Depending on your preferences, the guide will stay with you or leave you all the details about your trip and you’ll stay in touch. At the start you will get, among others, a map or glossary with the most important Polish expressions. When you are ready, you will begin to discover the treasures of Poland! We can now reveal the secret that at the end of the journey you will be able to take some of the found treasures with you …

Treasures of Poland
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