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Remember that this, as well as any other trip, can be entirely personalized! This means you can change the places you want to visit, the number of days, the way you travel and much more. First, read the itinerary below. If you like it exactly as it is, click "book the trip" at the bottom of the page. If you want to make any changes in the itinerary, click "build from scratch" and then you will be able to create an excursion program according to your own interests and needs!

Day 1

Kraków, full of legends, priceless monuments and art, the historical capital of Poland with its center inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, is the first point of our classic tour of Poland. The Market Square is intersected by the Royal Route and the Stanisław Wyspiański Route, leading through the green ring of Planty Park surrounding the Old Town to Wawel Castle, the seat of Polish rulers. From Wawel Castle it is not far to the Jewish quarter of Kazimierz. Kazimierz abounds in restaurants where you can enjoy traditional kosher dishes. During your visit to Krakow our guide will tell you about the history of Krakow and show you the most beautiful monuments of the cultural, historical and architectural capital of Poland. You will see the Schindler Museum, the Royal Castle, and many more world-class sights. Everyone will love Krakow, regardless of age and interests!

Wieliczka Poland

Day 2

After breakfast we will head to the Wieliczka Salt Mine, another attraction on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Since ancient times, salt has been evaporated here from naturally occurring salty springs. The drying up of these springs prompted people to search for salt underground. A three-kilometer hiking trail takes you through some of the 20 large chambers that are open to the public at depths ranging from 64 to 135 meters. Together with your guide, you will wander inside the underground salt labyrinth, exploring the mysterious and austere chambers, around the oldest surviving shaft. Challenges such as searching for salt or testing the concentration of methane will be waiting for you. Doing practical tasks you will get to know the work of representatives of old mining professions!

Day 3

KL Auschwitz was established by the Germans in occupied Oświęcim as a camp for Polish political prisoners. From 1942, Auschwitz was the largest of the German Nazi concentration camps and extermination centers. The Germans exterminated at least 1.1 million people here, mostly Jews, but also Poles, Soviet prisoners of war, and people of other nationalities. For the world KL Auschwitz it is a symbol of war, terror, genocide, and the Holocaust. The State Museum is located on its grounds, preserving railroad sidings and ramps, gas chambers, prisoner barracks, and fences. There are also photographs and documents, prisoners' clothes and things taken from them, as well as equipment from the barracks. In 1979 the grounds of the former Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration Camp were entered on the UNESCO World Heritage List. You will visit the Museum during a 3.5 hour audio-guided tour.

Auschwitz Poland
Warsaw Poland

Day 4

There is no better place to start exploring Warsaw than its 700-year old Old Town, which after World War II was reconstructed in such detail that it was included on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Today the Old Town impresses with its intimacy, unique atmosphere, and architectural details. The central place of the Old Town is the Market Square, which in the summer is filled with café gardens. An extremely interesting place, commemorating the tragic history of a city, completely destroyed during World War II, is the Warsaw Uprising Museum. You will visit Warsaw with our guide, who will show you other hidden treasures of this impressive metropolis. The Polish capital is at its most beautiful in spring and summer, when you can escape the hustle and bustle of the city to one of the beautiful parks!

Day 5

Although Gdansk is over a thousand years old, it impresses with its modernity. It is considered a symbolic place of the outbreak of World War II and the beginning of the fall of communism in Central Europe. The history of the Solidarity Trade Union movement which originated here is told by the European Solidarity Centre, unique on an international scale. The building, unusually original in terms of architecture (built on the model of a ship), houses an exhibition on the history of the Solidarity movement. Lech Wałęsa, the first chairman of the Solidarity Trade Union, former president of Poland and Nobel Peace Prize winner, also has his office here. From the European Solidarity Centre, which is located on the grounds of the former Gdansk Shipyard, it is not far to the Museum of World War II. It is the newest and most modern museum in the city.. Both of these places you will visit with our guide!

Gdańsk Poland

Day 6

Wrocław is a city with a very rich past, over 1000 years old. It is one of the most interesting and beautiful cities in Poland. Wroclaw is called Venice of the North, because there are more than 130 bridges! Wroclaw Market Square can be proud of its wonderful Old Town Hall with Gothic features. It is the heart of this great square, its most characteristic element, and at the same time the most magnificent building of this type in the whole country! When describing Wroclaw, we always have to use the words: the oldest, the most beautiful or the most important. It is no different with the magical Ostrów Tumski - the oldest part of the city with a magnificent cathedral from the 13th-14th century. This Gothic temple is the most valuable sacral monument of the city.. Speaking of Wrocław's attractions, it's impossible to omit the famous dwarves which have literally taken over the city and become its most pleasant symbol!

Day 7

This will be the last day of your stay in Poland. No matter from which city your return flight departs, we will organize a transfer to the airport for you. If your flight is scheduled for the evening, you will still have some time to walk around Wroclaw or another city. You will also have some time to buy souvenirs, although we warn you that you will already have many of them from the places you will have visited before! Additionally, there will be a surprise gift waiting for you from our team... Of course, we can also organize extra attractions for you in the city you will be flying out from. Either way, on the last day of your stay, we invite you to join us for lunch to reminisce about all the places you have visited during your trip!



From 100 $ per day. The price includes:

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Transport to and from airport

Support and assistance of the agent throughout your stay

+ End of stay special gift!


If you want to book this tour exactly as it is, click on book the trip. If you only want to change the number of days or other tiny details, please book the trip as well and we will arrange the details over the phone. If you want to make big changes to the program or create a tour from scratch, click on the build from scratch button and there you can create your tour as you wish, day by day, according to your own ideas, needs and interests!

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