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Explore the rich history of Poland. Wrocław, Gdańsk and Poznań

If you are planning to visit Poland in 2024, be sure to include Wrocław, Gdańsk and Poznań in your itinerary! Apart from Krakow and Warsaw, these are Poland's most beautiful cities. Discover the most interesting cities in Poland in terms of history, architecture and traditions.

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Krakow and Warsaw, the most beautiful and historically rich cities in Poland

Krakow and Warsaw are by far the most beautiful, historically rich and most visited cities in Poland, which are worth visiting at any time of the year for their beautiful sights. Check out our guide where we recommend what to see in Warsaw and Krakow!

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Explore the rich history of Poland. Part 1 - Towns

Poland has a very interesting and rich history. In Poland you can see cities such as Gniezno, the first capital of Poland, or Malbork with the largest Gothic castle complex in the world! Embark with us on a journey across Poland in the footsteps of history!

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Outdoor activities in Poland

Here's a guide to the most interesting oudoor attractions in Poland! Check out where in Poland you can go cycling, skydiving or mountain climbing! In Poland you will find not only beautiful cities, but also beautiful mountains, beaches, lakes and forests.

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Discover the best traditional Polish dishes!

Discover the best Polish dishes, such as Pierogi, żurek, oscypek or bigos! Here's a guide for food lovers who want to explore Poland by tasting it! Embark with us on a culinary trip around Poland!

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Discover the beauty of Poland! Here is a guide to all that is most beautiful in Poland in a nutshell! Poland! Poland is a very diverse country, and Polish culture and customs vary from region to region.

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