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ToP City Games

ToP City Games is a combination of Esape Room and city tour in one!

First, each of you will receive a story introduction and information about where and when the game will start. Along the way, you will be solving puzzles and looking for clues that will lead you to the grand finale. You will play chess in the underground parking lot, escape from spies, forge documents... During the game you will visit the most beautiful places in Wroclaw, Cracow, Gdańsk or Warsaw.

ToP city game is entertainment for everyone, adults, teenagers and children. You can come as a couple, with your work team or with your friends from abroad, who have just come to visit!

We invite all fans of games, RPG, board games and those who just want to spend a few hours in an unusual way!

The gold of Wrocław

May 6, 1945. Soviets captured Breslau. Festung Breslau defended itself for 80 days. It surrendered four days after the capitulation of Berlin... 

When the Russians entered Breslau, the Nazis fled in panic with their looted gold, but one of the highest-ranking SS officers remained at his post and looked down on the depopulated city. He had foreseen much sooner that they would be driven out of Breslau by the Soviet army, so he had already been gathering treasures for several months. He couldn't export them all, so he hid most of the valuables and left clues for his son, which in a few years, when the situation at the front would calm down a bit, would lead him to the treasure...

Złoto Wrocławia
Złoty pociąg (gra w terenie)

Golden train (field game)

In the winter of 1945, a mysterious convoy set off from Breslau. Its load consisted of bank gold, deposits of jewellery factories and possessions of private owners. The valuable cargo was escorted by a group of trusted SS and police officers. The purpose of this transport was to reach a safe hiding place...

"Gold Train" is a continuation of the hit city game "Gold of Wroclaw", only that... in the field! We will meet in a place whose geographical coordinates you will receive just before the trip and there the treasure hunt will begin.

You will be given a map, which will lead you to the lost or simply well-hidden valuables. robbed from Breslau during the escape. It will not be an easy task, because on your way will stand other players, eager to get the treasures. Those who have completed the "Gold of Wroclaw" are invited to participate in the game!

Resistance movement

During World War II, Poland was an occupied country in which the resistance movement began its activities almost immediately after the end of regular warfare.

"Resistance Movement" is a proposal both for those who want to play with friends and single players who want to meet new people.

During the game you will take on the roles of soldiers and civilians who will try at all costs to escape from the persecuting officials of the 3rd Reich. The aim of the game, is to transfer extremely secret documents hidden in a black suitcase... What are these documents and secret information - you will find out during the game - we do not want to spoil the surprise!

You can be sure of one thing. This game will give you a lot of excitement and adrenaline!

Ruch oporu
Glass King

Glass King

"Full of enthusiasm, you met your friends on the University Bridge. Suddenly all the lights went out and it became dark. The sky was completely covered with clouds. A nearby streetcar stopped, but nobody got off it. The darkness was lighted only by the moon and the flashlights of some passers-by. Slightly stunned, you turned into one of the streets of the Market Square. As you were walking along it, you saw a woman lying on the sidewalk, unconscious and covered with blood, with her forehead smashed. After a moment the electricity came back on and at the same moment you heard a scream - an elderly lady from a nearby tenement house, who decided to look out of the window to check if her neighbor's electricity had also gone out, noticed you and the lying, bloodied woman. One of you decided to check her pulse... She was dead." So begins the story of our flagship game that we''re sure you''ll love!


"Joker is a game that will require from you iron nerves and quick decisions. The fate of the entire city will depend on you, and for a long while the city will be plunged into chaos.

A crazy criminal is prowling around the city, killing his victims for unknown reasons. The police are trying to work him out, but you know how the police work... At some point the responsibility for the fate of the city will fall only on you.

You will have to find out the connection between the victims and save those who are next on the list. As you may have guessed, you will also, at some point, be the most wanted person by the Joker and you will have to split up in order to survive...



In the Market Square or the Old Town of every big Polish city, as soon as it gets a little warmer, you can meet dozens of artists. Did you know that there is a criminal group called "Artists", which deals in illegal substances and keeps the whole city of Wroclaw in check?

During the 2-hour game, you will try to expose the leaders of this group but the task will not be so easy because the "Artists" do not look like typical criminals. There are professional musicians, sculptors and painters, professors from ASP (Academy of Fine Arts) and lecturers from Academy of Music.

You will be assisted in deciphering the tasks by a violinist, who will also be your connector. Familiar with the world of Wroclaw artists, she will make friends with the gang's bosses. Will you manage to gain her trust? Will you create a harmonious detective team?

Escape from PRL

Some of us still remember the times of the People's Republic of Poland and recall them with tenderness, some (fortunately!) did not have the opportunity to live in those times... We know one thing. "Escape from PRL" is the most spectacular of our games, perfect for bachelor parties and team building events!

Will you manage to complete a series of tasks before the police car catches up with you? Will you be smart and fast enough to forge documents, find a money changer and buy 5 liters of fuel within two hours?

We invite especially big companies!

Uczeczka z PRL
Golden Egg (gra w terenie)

Golden Egg (field game)

Are there fans of "Lord of the Ring", dragons and other fantastic animals among you? Do you love old maps and treasure hunting? If you do, then "Golden Egg" is perfect for you!

"Golden Egg" is the story of Malachite, who leaves his dying wife in order to find a medicine that will bring her back to life. Along the way, he lives extraordinary adventures, learns herbalism, searches for gold in rivers and other precious stones...

You will set out in his footsteps to find the title Golden Egg in the Land of Extinct Volcanoes. However, to find the treasure you will have to, among other things, build a raft, light a fire with a flint and solve lots of puzzles!


If you want to play one of our games, click the button below and then fill out the form on the next page. In the form, enter your personal information, number of people, and in the notes specify which game you are interested in and in which city!

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