Wild East

Wild East

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Active and ecological
In search of animals
in harmony with nature
In harmony with nature


Remember that this, as well as any other trip, can be entirely personalized! This means you can change the places you want to visit, the number of days, the way you travel and much more. First, read the itinerary below. If you like it exactly as it is, click "book the trip" at the bottom of the page. If you want to make any changes in the itinerary, click "Build from scratch" and then you will be able to create an excursion program according to your own interests and needs!

Day 1

We will pick you up from the airport and take you straight to the eastern part of Poland, to the kingdom of European bison. It is only 2 hours away from the capital of Poland. If you wish, we will also spend a few hours exploring Warsaw, depending on what time you arrive. Warsaw is a one-of-a-kind city, as Polish architecture blends here with Soviet buildings, which are in turn dominated by majestic skyscrapers. Warsaw is a city with a rich past, and to learn more about the history of Warsaw, we will take you to the Warsaw Uprising Museum. From Warsaw we will travel to Bialowieza, the gateway to the only still virgin area in this part of the world - the Bialowieza Forest. There, you will have a chance to go on a night tour in the footsteps of wild animals!


Day 2

In the morning, after breakfast, we will go on bicycles to Białowieża along the edge of the Białowieża Forest. Riding early in the morning before sunrise or just before sunset, you may see bison even standing on the road! In Bialowieza you will go canoeing down a charming river or take a walk in the Palace Park. On the way back home we will visit a traditional agrotourism farm, where you will learn a lot about bread baking, goat and sheep breeding, life in the neighbourhood of the Forest and Podlasie cultural diversity. If you don't manage to go on the tour the previous day, a guide will come for you that night and take you to places where you will have a good chance to see wild European bison and wolves! Do not be afraid, you will be completely safe!

Day 3

After an overnight trip with a guide you will definitely need to get some sleep, so this will be a more restful day. It is hard to find a place richer in wonderful nature than Siemianowka Reservoir. If you are a cyclist, an angler, a photographer, if you like watching birds' habits, if you love water sports or sunbathing, if you want to get to know the richness of Polish fauna and flora or if you are simply excited about discovering new, unique places, you will surely find something for yourself at Lake Siemianówka. Then, we will go to the Land of Open Shutters. While visiting the Land of Open Shutters you will be delighted not only with these unique decorations, but also with magnificent wooden orthodox churches, historic roadside shrines and cemetery chapels. Forests, clean rivers, peace and quiet and plenty of stork's nests create an ideal atmosphere for relaxation. Then, after lunch will go to Biebrza Park, where you will spend the next few days.

Kraina Otwartych Okiennic
Bird watching

Day 4

Our first day in Biebrza National Park will start of course with a delicious breakfast prepared by our hosts. Then we will visit Osowiec Fortress and together with our guide we will go bird watching and moose spotting in the National Park. Biebrza National Park is a real giant in comparison to the rest of Polish national parks. It is the biggest, longest and wildest national park in Poland. The heart of the park is the 160 km long Biebrza River, which spills over huge areas of the reserve. These marshy conditions are also the best natural home for some 270 species of waterfowl and 50 species of mammals. The mammal most attracted to a visit to the Park is, of course, the king of the area, the elk. We will definitely be hunting for him (with camera!). At the end of the day, just before sunset, we will take a trip on a private catamaran to observe beavers in their natural habitat.

Day 5

On the fifth day of the tour, after a delicious breakfast, we will hit the road along the eastern wall of Poland. Along the way we will stop in Bialystok, a city where different cultures and religions have intermingled over the centuries. It is a fascinating place because of the number of languages, religions and traditions. Bialystok has been home to Poles, Belarusians, Ukrainians, Jews, Russians, Germans and Tartars over the years. That is why this huge mixture of nationalities inspired Ludwik Zamenhof to create the world famous language Esperanto. Today Bialystok is still a mixture of many religions, which can be seen by admiring the beautiful Orthodox churches, for example. After visiting Białystok you will take a train to the south-eastern corner of the country, to the wildest mountains of Poland - the Bieszczady.

Bear in Bieszczady

Day 6

Bieszczady, the wildest mountains in Poland, are a magical place. You can wander there for hours, without meeting any human being on the way. But don't be afraid to get lost! The trails are very well marked, and besides, if you decide to go on a trip with us, you will have a guide! Bieszczady are the mountains where you can still meet wild animals. We will start the day very early! At about 4:30 in the morning your guide will come for you to take you for a walk in the nearby mountains in search of bison, wolves and...lynxes. Then, your guide will take you for morning tea or coffee and a private tour of his private museum! This will definitely be an unforgettable experience. Afterwards, you will head to Lake Solina where you will have the opportunity to go boating, kayaking or pontooning. Later in the evening we will head to Krakow where you will spend the next 2 nights.

Day 7

From Bieszczady we will take you to Cracow, the most beautiful city in Poland! Of course you will visit Cracow in a very ecological way - by bike! We will start the tour with a ride through the historical center of Cracow. Together with a guide you will see the Market Square and the Wawel Castle, the landmarks of this beautiful city. You will also go to see a very interesting district of Cracow - Podgórze, where you will have a chance to walk up the colorful stairs and visit a beautiful church. Just before sunset you will see Cracow from the top of one of the hills - Krakus Mound. In the evening we will take you for a walk in Kazimierz, the former Jewish district, full of narrow streets and atmospheric cafes. There you will have the opportunity to have dinner in one of the traditional Polish or Jewish restaurants.


Day 8

The last day of the tour will depend largely on your flight time. If your flight is early in the morning, our driver will take you to the airport right after breakfast. If your flight isn't until the afternoon or evening, you will still have plenty of time to buy souvenirs, although be aware that you will already have a lot of souvenirs from places you will have visited previously! Additionally there will be a surprise gift waiting for you from our team... On the last day you will also have time for a slow walk around the Krakow Market Square and Kazimierz District. Of course, we can take you to one or two more places, if you like. At the end of your stay we would also love to take you out for dinner to talk about all the places you visited during the tour!


From 100 $ per day. The price includes:

Local city guides

Internal transports

+ Accommodation

+ Breakfasts

Visit entries

Transport to and from airport

Support and assistance of the agent throughout your stay

+ End of stay special gift!



If you want to book this tour exactly as it is, click on book the trip. If you only want to change the number of days or other tiny details, please book the trip as well and we will arrange the details over the phone. If you want to make big changes to the program or create a tour from scratch, click on the build from scratch button and there you can create your tour as you wish, day by day, according to your own ideas, needs and interests!

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