Who we are?

man and woman

We are a group of travellers with a passion for Poland. After years of travelling abroad and exploring the world, we decided to settle down for good in our homeland and show Poland off to the world. We have toured Poland extensively and we now want to share our experiences with others.


Jan Srokowski

Founder of Treasures of Poland and tour operator

I started exploring Poland as a small child, going on bike trips and mountain tours with my father. That was the time when I fell in love with traveling off the beaten track. One day, while riding the Trans-Siberian railroad and having a lot of time to think, I felt that it was time to return to my homeland. I decided to fulfill my childhood dream and turn my love for travel into a full-time job. Organizing trips with Treasures of Poland I want to show you first of all what I love most in my country. Wide, sandy beaches, clean lakes hidden among forests or wild mountain trails are just some of the treasures of Poland!


Maria Lewaniak

Translator, tour operator

I graduated in Applied Linguistics with a degree in English and French. Languages are my passion and thanks to them I could visit many countries and meet wonderful people. At ToP I use my knowledge of languages to translate texts and to to answer emails and phone calls from you. I create offers and organize stays. Traveling is my whole life, but there is something I love just as much. Music. It takes me to another reality. I devoted a big part of my life to violin and it will always remain my love. The combination of music and travel is my dream come true. That is why I am coming to you with an offer of music tours! Poland is a country very rich in music history. I'll take you on a trip in the footsteps of Frederic Chopin, you'll listen to great concerts in the National Music Forum and at the end... maybe you'll play together with me during one of the jam sessions?


Paulina Hejdukowska

Tour guide of Wrocław and Lower Silesia and organizer of culinary tours

My name is Paulina and 8 years ago I decided to fulfill my dream of travelling to the unknown with a one-way ticket. The trip was supposed to be a holiday adventure, but it turned into a lifelong passion for discovering the world known from high school geography books - new cultures, tastes and smells. At ToP I am a tour leader, and most of all, I am a fan of food and anything that involves the celebration of a meal! Years spent on the road allowed me to gain valuable experience, and before all, convinced me that Poland is the most beautiful country in the world, although still not fully discovered. I hope that together with me you will discover the true culinary (and not only!) treasures of our country! 


Paweł Kopeć

Mountain guide, organizer of men's expeditions, survival and adventure tours

For over twenty years now, despite being a fairly young guy, I have loved testing my body in all sorts of conditions and places. This love to give myself a hard time led me finally to the high mountains. It all started in Świętokrzyskie Mountains and there I had my first serious experience - 23 hours of continuous walk. Then I tried a winter night hike at temperatures around -20 degrees Celsius. After that, I started climbing higher peaks. Tatra Mountains, Alps, Caucasus, Pamir and Alaskan Mountains. Finally, last autumn I reached Manaslu (8163 m) without oxygen and without Sherpas' support. When I go to the Polish mountains I always try to choose the areas where I will not meet anyone on the trail except for the forest animals. I want to take you to such places while organizing men expeditions, adventure trips or team building events.


Karolina Madej

Event tour operator

I am a French speaker and at ToP I take care of clients from France, but I also love the Spanish language and culture! I recently traveled around Chile for 3 weeks, visiting Patagonia among other places. Soon I will be going on a trip to Oman! In Poland I love most the mountains, especially Bieszczady. I live in Wroclaw, but when I have only a few free days I love to get away to the lake and go sailing on a catamaran. Recently I have been completely absorbed by yoga and dance. My energy, passion for life and knowledge of foreign languages I use at ToP to organize Party Trips! I love meeting people from other countries. I also love pairing people up, so I invite everyone to join me on trips... for singles!

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