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Remember that this, as well as any other trip, can be entirely personalized! This means you can change the places you want to visit, the number of days, the way you travel and much more. First, read the itinerary below. If you like it exactly as it is, click "book the trip" at the bottom of the page. If you want to make any changes in the itinerary, click "build from scratch" and then you will be able to create an excursion program according to your own interests and needs!

Day 1

There is no better place to start exploring Warsaw than its 700-year old Old Town. After World War II the city was reconstructed in such detail that it was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List. Today the Old Town impresses with its intimacy, unique atmosphere and architectural details. The central place of the Old Town is the Market Square, which in the summer is filled with café gardens and strollers. In its center stands a statue of the Warsaw Mermaid, a symbol of the city. An extremely interesting place, commemorating the tragic history of the city completely destroyed during World War II, is the Museum of the Warsaw Uprising. You will visit Warsaw with our guide, who will also show you other hidden treasures of this impressive metropolis.

Winter in Bieszczady Mountains

Day 2

From Warsaw we will go to Bialowieza, the town closest to the only still virgin area in this part of the world - Białowieża Forest. First we will head to the museum, which displays natural history collections on zoology, botany and the history of the region. In Białowieża you will go canoeing down a charming river or stroll through the Palace Park. We will also visit a traditional agro-tourism farm where you will learn about bread baking, goat and sheep breeding, rye cultivation and life in the vicinity of the Forest. You will learn a lot about Podlasie cultural diversity and history. Then you will be able to choose between an evening or... a night tour in the footsteps of wild animals!

Day 3

After an overnight guided hike you will definitely need to get some sleep, so this will be a more restful day. It is hard to find a place richer in wonderful nature than Siemianowka Reservoir. If you like bird watching, water sports, sunbathing or if you simply want to get to know the richness of Polish flora and fauna, at Lake Siemianówka you will surely find something for yourself. Next we will go to the Land of Open Shutters. When visiting the Land of Open Shutters you will be delighted not only by the unique decorations, but also by the magnificent wooden orthodox churches, historic roadside shrines and cemeteries. Forests, clean rivers, peace and quiet and plenty of stork's nests are the perfect atmosphere for relaxation. Then we will head towards Masuria, the land of a thousand lakes!

Land of Thousand Lakes

Day 4

The Land of a Thousand Lakes is famous for its picturesque reservoirs, beautiful nature and interesting sights. During the vacations the area tempts with water sports, especially sailing. You can spend time there lying on the numerous beaches, sightseeing or listening to sea shanties in the charming harbors. We will be happy to organize a canoe trip or a bike ride for you. Then, if you are interested in the history of World War II, we will go to a place very much connected with this period, Adolf Hitler's quarters, called "Wolf's Lair". Hitler and his staff spent a total of 850 days in the Wolf's Lair, and his visitors included Italian dictator Benito Mussolini and Japanese ambassador Count Hiroshi Oshima. Then, passing hundreds of small and large lakes on the way, we will head towards Malbork!

Day 5

Visiting Malbork Castle will be the main attraction of the day. It is the largest surviving medieval castle in Europe. Malbork Castle features impressive red brick walls as well as a belt of defensive walls with towers and gates. The Castle Museum offers many attractions for visitors, including several exhibitions with old weapons, amber, porcelain and handicrafts. For many years, Malbork has also been hosting the "Siege of Malbork", a re-enactment of the battle of 1410! On site you will also have the opportunity to see a medieval fair, shows of knightly life and many more attractions that will transport you to a world over 600 years old! You can also combine a visit to the castle with a canoeing trip or a boat trip. On site you will be able to have lunch or... dinner, depending on how long you want to stay there!

Malbork knight
Gdańsk Poland

Day 6

From Malbork we will head towards Gdansk. If time allows, we will also visit the museum in Sztutowo, located on the grounds of the former concentration camp. Gdansk is considered a symbolic place of the outbreak of World War II and the beginning of the fall of communism in Central Europe. The history of the Solidarity Trade Union movement which originated here is told by the European Solidarity Centre, unique on an international scale. The building, unusually original in terms of architecture (built on the model of a ship), houses an exhibition on the history of the Solidarity movement and is a place where many cultural events are held. From the European Solidarity Centre, which is located on the grounds of the former Gdańsk Shipyard, it is not far to the Museum of World War II. It is the newest and most modern museum in the city.

Day 7

Then we will go to the The Słowiński National Park, which is one of the most beautiful and wildest protected areas in Poland. There you can find beautiful lakes, forests and the biggest moving dune belt in Europe! The height of the highest of the dunes in summer can exceed 40 metres. These dunes move slowly, from one and a half to 10 metres per year, but despite this slow pace, in the 14th century they managed to cover the whole village! In 1977 the whole Park was inscribed on the UNESCO list of World Biosphere Reserves. Cycling through magical coastal forests is a great break from the hustle and bustle of the city. After a visit to the Slowinski National Park, we will take you for a delicious lunch in a traditional "Stodoła" restaurant, and on the way back we will visit the Slowinski Village Museum!

Amber in Poland
visit Toruń

Day 8

This day we will head back south and make our way to the beautiful city of Torun. Did you know that Torun's old town is on the UNESCO World Heritage List? No? Well, a walk through the medieval urban complex leaves no doubt that this is a well deserved distinction - after all, there are as many as 1000 protected monuments in Toruń. Together with your guide you will also go to... Museum of Toruń Gingerbread, which is located in the real gingerbread factory! We promise that you will feel there like in the gingerbread equivalent of Willy Wonk's Chocolate Factory :) Afterwards, you will also be able to participate in gingerbread making and baking workshops! And did you know that Torun is the hometown of Nicolaus Copernicus? In the house where he lived, there is now his museum and we will take a look there too!

Day 9

This will be the last day of your trip in northern Poland. Regardless of which city your return flight leaves from, we will arrange transportation to the airport for you. If your flight is scheduled for the evening, you will still have some time to walk around. You can also use this time to buy souvenirs, although we warn you that you will already have a lot of them from places visited before! Additionally, there will be a surprise gift waiting for you from our team... Of course, we can also organize additional attractions for you in the city you will be leaving from. In any case, on the last day of your stay, we invite you to have dinner with us to reminisce all the places visited during your trip!



From 100 $ per day. The price includes:

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+ End of stay special gift!


If you want to book this tour exactly as it is, click on book the trip. If you only want to change the number of days or other tiny details, please book the trip as well and we will arrange the details over the phone. If you want to make big changes to the program or create a tour from scratch, click on the build from scratch button and there you can create your tour as you wish, day by day, according to your own ideas, needs and interests!

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